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2018 Mazda 3

Versatile. Nimble. Striking. The MAZDA 3 is all of these things, and more – the culmination of creative design and fearless conviction.

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2018 Mazda 3 Sport

Better than ever before and as versatile as it’s always been, the MAZDA 3 proves that one car can offer everything – all in a fun-to-drive, affordable package.
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2019 MX-5

It’s a roadster with beautiful proportions, heart-pounding excitement, a rocking
power-to-weight ratio & a connection to the road unlike any other.
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2019 MX-5 RF

The MX-5 RF simultaneously captivates the driver and dominates the road. Crafted with a driver-centric design and delivering fine-tuned performance, the RF is made for soul-rousing drives.
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2018 Mazda 6

The MAZDA6 offers a response that enhances the feeling of car and driver as one, and relishes both city and back twisty streets.
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2019 CX-3

With impeccable craftsmanship and a calming simplicity  the CX-3 gets you to your destination in the spirit of inspiration and confidence.
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2018 CX-5


Step inside the CX-5 and it’s clear: This is a vehicle you want to get in and drive. Light and versatile, yet incredibly strong, it’s unlike any other crossover SUV.

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2019 CX-9

With a sumptuous interior, exciting features, and superb good looks, the 2018 CX-9 is a pure expression of balance and harmony.
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