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All car detailing services at Carling Mazda is provided by JREK (Just Rektify) Autocare.  This includes pre-owned reconditioning and retail detailing for new and existing customers.


JREK Autocare has been in operation since 2004 and in partnership with Carling Mazda since 2014.  We’re conveniently located at the Collision Center.  (Prior to being located at Carling Mazda, JREK Autocare was situated in the Hunt Club West Business park for 11 years.)

Why Choose JREK Autocare?

more than 14,000 vehicles detailed to date

complete car detailing services including: salt stain removal, paint protection, paint protection film

on-line booking – from 3 hours to 120 days in advance

3M Paint Protection Film

New Age Stone Chip Prevention!  JREK Autocare offers the installation of 3M’s top-of-line Pro Series Paint Protection Film.  Common areas where this virtually invisible to the naked eye film, include: partial hood, fenders, mirrors, headlights, door cups, etc.

The 3M paint protection film protects against stone chips, scratching and fading!  3M offers a 10 year manufacturer warranty that is transferable should you decide to sell your vehicle during the warranty coverage period.

JREK Autocare offers the 3M paint protection film in a package that includes: partial hood, fenders and mirrors to maximize protection while offering you great value!

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

Never wax your vehicle again with a Ceramic Pro permanent paint protection application today!  Ceramic Pro is a nano ceramic coating that is applied to the exterior vehicle paint and once cured is like an additional layer of clear coat.

JREK Autocare offers the Ceramic Pro application in three different packages ranging from two, five years & lifetime warranty-backed protection.

Warranty is provided by Ceramic Pro and verified thru Car Fax.  This allows for your warranty to be transferred should you decided to sell your vehicle while under the warranty protection period!

Why Regular Car Detailing in Ottawa is Important for Your Vehicle?

Driving conditions in Ottawa varies from season to season.  From the harsh realities of winter driving (salt stains on vehicle carpets), to your summer road trips (bug droppings on vehicle paint), these factors take their tolls on your vehicle.

Uncertain as to what car detailing service is?  View our various CTV Morning Live TV Spots discussing car detailing.

A clean vehicle makes driving more enjoyable

Regular cleaned vehicle increases resale value

Regular paint protection helps with surface rust prevention

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