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New Age Stone Chip Prevention

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Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Against Stone Chips

You’ve recently purchased a Mazda or thinking about buying one and your wondering how to protect your new Mazda vehicle against those pesky stone chips!  Fear not, there is a simple solution!

3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film is designed to protect your vehicle’s paint surface and any other vulnerable areas against the following:

  • stone chips
  • scratches
  • bug damage
  • road tar stains
  • punishing weather conditions

Rest assured the almost invisible to the naked eye clear polyurethane film doesn’t alter the vehicle’s paint in anyway.  Additionally, you can remove the film at any time should you not want it anymore.  Eliminate the Fear of stone chips & scratches to your vehicle’s paint today!

So Tell Me More About 3M Paint Protection Film?

First and foremost, we use only the top-of-line 3M Pro Series film which offers the following advantages:

  • Self-Healing
    • get a scratch or ding in the film, poor hot water over it & place in the sun and it will self-correct!
  • 10 Year Transferable Warranty
    • enhance the resale value of your vehicle
  • Customized Application
    • can be applied in areas specifically desired by the customers (e.g. luggage guard on trunk)
3M Paint Protection Film
3M Paint Protection Film

Benefits to investing in a 3M Pro Series Paint Protection install for your vehicle

  • Preserve the quality of your vehicle’s finish
  • Common installed areas include: partial hood, fenders, mirrors, door cups, headlights
  • Transferable 10 year warranty provided by 3M

Dealership Program 

  • You can purchase the film install directly from the dealership upon purchase of your vehicle
  • You can incorporate the cost of the dealership specific package into your lease or finance payments

Third-Party Program

  • Should you decide that you don’t want to include the cost in your car payments please visit JREK Autocare who is located at our Collision Center and will provide the installation for you
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